Taking the pain out of managing Continuing Education Units (CEUs) at conferences and events

Manage in person, live online, on-demand online, or other combinations

Check out the Knowledge Base or contact [email protected] with any questions about obtaining your certificates.

Tutorial Videos

New tutorial videos available for CEUHelper.

Android App

Android app on Google Play

iPhone App

CEUHelper app for iPhone and iPad.

iPhone App on Apple Store

Benefits for conference administrators:

No more paper!

Get rid of paper forms to count or copy. Everything is digital!

Notify of Changes

Notify attendees quickly if an event changes or is canceled. No need to worry about printing corrected programs.

Multiple Check In Options

Multiple ways to check attendees in an out that may be faster than paper.

Flexible Pricing

Flexible pricing based on the size of your conference. It's up to you to decide how much you want to charge people to use the service.

Multiple Certifications

Support for multiple types of CEUs from other organizations.

All event types

Work for in person events, online events, or both with customizable configuration to match your unique needs

Control over what counts as a valid CEU:

No forging signatures!

This system makes it difficult for attendees to fake signatures and get CEUs they didn't earn.

Can't be at multiple events

Let the website make sure users didn't try to get CEUs for two events at the same time.

Check In/Out On Time

You set a tolerance for how late an attendee can check in and how early they can check out and still earn CEUs.

Override Invalid CEUs

Administrators can choose to override invalid CEUs or add CEUs to an account later. You are in control.

Benefits for conference attendees:

No more paper!

Get rid of paper forms. Everything is stored online and ready when you need it.

Useful Search Tools

Search for conference events by time, title, presenter, presenter affiliation, and more!

Bookmark Events

Bookmark events you want to attend and then you can see your upcoming events on the dashboard.

Track CEUs

Quickly see how many CEUs you have earned at the conference. Plus you can view Ethics CEUs separately.

No more lines!

Hate waiting in long lines to process your CEUs? Me too! Instead, submit your CEUs with the click of a button.

Mobile App

App designed for iOS and Android devices include extra features.

Set Goals

Set CEU goals for each conference to make sure you are ready for re-certification.

No More Overfilled Events

See if an event is filling up so you can get there fast or find another event.